« The sculptures of Marine de Soos are an invitation to travel »

« A journey with its apparent exoticism covering more essential reality.
Travelling with her we leave one shore to which we are attached for another that takes us to another pinnacle.
Poised on the present moment, she invites us to gather the fleshy fruit of the soul, so difficult to pluck, from the hollows of our fleeting, sideways glimpse. The elements that lie within us become perceptible at the site of a young flute player: a little further on children are touching the sky with their fingers. We nonetheless remain in control, in control of the circumference of our view, on the surface of the earth like the compass defining the horizon. A woman with a bundle of twigs relates the burden of her days, the camel's packsaddle carrying a load that, deep down, sum us up.
Suddenly there is a wave of a hand, the entrancing ritual of a visit, all ears for a journey into the thoughts of others with this figure of a man from Cape Verde.
In this manner, the little things of life flow, with sensitivity, nurtured by the smile of Knowledge. »

Jean-François Variot